Make Noise 2018: Humble Beginnings

We’re going to start small. Really small. Why? First, start-up costs in eurorack are killer. In order for our modules to mean anything we’ll need a rack, power and cables. Sadly, that adds up to about $200-300 (on the cheap end.) You’ll want a controller too, a sequencer or keyboard. We’re looking at another $100 […]

Buffered Multiples

Now for something completely different! Today we’re going to take a break (mostly) from the (poorly) written word. Instead I’m trying something a little different. Yesterday I took some time talking about a patch of mine. Attempting to make another patch using the same methodology, and generally going on a short modular ramble. I invite […]

Korg SQ-1: A few cool tricks

I’ve had the SQ-1 for a while now. In fact, I now have two. There’s more fun in that little, black box than seems right. So, what kind of fun can you get up to with this bargain priced sequencer? All kinds… Sometimes I like to absolutely blast it with an audio-rate clock. You tend […]

Controllers: On a budget

You’ve got a case and power. You’ve picked out a few modules. But how will you interface with your system. Obviously, you interact with it via knobs and sliders and a cornucopia of patch points. But you want more. The two most basic options are sequencer or keyboard. One problem, cash is low, you just […]