Mystic Circuits 0hp AND/VCA, Take Two

Have a listen to the 0hp VCA/AND Gate working as a VCA A while back I got my hands on some 0hp Modular kits from Mystic Circuits. I’d gotten one of each (at the time) and went about building these lovely little passive utilities. Unfortunately, by the time I got to building the AND/VCA module […]

Make Noise 2018: Project Update

So, we’ve been talking about the components, the bits and bobs of the project, for a couple of weeks now, but how is the project going in general? Good question! I like to stay ahead of the blog while building out the system. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to spend a couple hours […]

Make Noise 2018: Humble Beginnings

We’re going to start small. Really small. Why? First, start-up costs in eurorack are killer. In order for our modules to mean anything we’ll need a rack, power and cables. Sadly, that adds up to about $200-300 (on the cheap end.) You’ll want a controller too, a sequencer or keyboard. We’re looking at another $100 […]

Review: Mystic Circuits 0hp OR Gate

The 0hp OR Gate is a shockingly useful little tool. It provides a substantial number of very desirable functions. Let’s get straight to it: It’s an *OR Gate, go ahead and use it to combine two separate sources of gate signals into a single stream. To sum this one up clock divider + OR Gate […]

Review: Mystic Circuits 0hp Vactrol LPG

Before we talk about this little Vactrol LPG module, I want to talk about the concept of 0hp modules, because I absolutely adore them. For me, this goes back to my earliest experiences with synthesis. *Cue Flashback* Early on it was just me and a couple semi-modular synths. Sometimes, I needed attenuation where there was […]

Mystic Circuits 0hp Builds

I got my hands on a trio of these lovely little kits this week. I’m not an experienced electronics DIYer. This was my first eurorack DIY endeavor, something which I’ve finally entered into after much trepidation. Here’s how it went… Each kit is simple and complete. The most difficult is the VCA/AND Gate. And the […]