WA-2A Leveling Amplifier

What exactly is the WA-2A? It’s a leveling amplifier, a sort of simplified compressor. The controls are shockingly uncomplicated. Most compressors give us individual control over the five major parameters of compression. Not the WA-2A, you get two knobs, output and reduction. It is an optical compressor. What this means is that the WA-2A is […]

On the Clock: Dividers

Clocks don’t tend to be talked about too much. Which is both understandable and a shame. It’s understandable because, clocks are just timing signals, they really only keep time. And while that’s cool and handy, there’s not much more to say about it. A clock divider is a very simple way to do more with […]


For US Wigglers, today is Black Friday. A nightmarish day (if you got outside) spurred on by consumerist lust and the lure of inexplicable discounts. I remember going out one Black Friday (I normally stay in for the day) and buying a cast iron skillet. It wasn’t on sale, I just needed it to do […]

Sound Out of Space

When I started recording in my house I realized quickly that I really needed some acoustic treatment. I started slowly applying absorptive panels to the space (my office). Eventually, one of my friends noted, that just being in my office sounds kinda weird. You see, there’s enough dampening that you just don’t get the same […]

Content Creation, Patreon and Eurorack

Nope, I’m not starting a patreon, but I have some thoughts I wanted to share on the matter. Meager as my operation may be, I am a content creator of sorts at this point. And as much as I don’t involve myself in it anymore, I do have some background and training in video. I’ve […]

Mutable Instruments Frames: Quadrature [BEAST] Mode

Frames is a monster of a module. At 18hp its far from tiny, and just look at that knob! It does big things too. More than a few times I’ve heard it referred to as a macro modulator. That description fits in more ways than one. Frames primary function is keyframing and tweening. Keyframes are […]

Bringing it together with the basics

You can never have enough VCA’s. Oddly enough, I was once told I probably had too many VCA’s. What can I say, we live in a *land of confusion, but try not to let that disturb you too much. Anyhow, there’s more than a mere tacit recognition of the value of utilities in this maxim […]

Make Noise STO: All about that bass

The STO is a cool little oscillator. Recently it has spent quite some time sitting dormant in the rack. Mostly awaiting me to put it up for sale again. But I haven’t, and so it remains. There’s something about a sine-wave that, most often feels quite hollow. And indeed, the pure, unadulterated sine that the […]

Just (sample and) hold me

Oh sample and hold… why did I wait so long to make you part of my life? I finally broke down and ordered a Doepfer A-148 dual sample and hold module. (It does track and hold as well, just switch jumpers on the back of the module). It arrived today and I am extremely happy. […]


If I’ve learned anything from history, it’s that life on the frontier is hard. Perhaps the thought is most poignant from too many hours spent playing Oregon Trail. The frontier is the border between civilization and wilderness. It demarcates the space between the places of comfort and of uncertainty. Before it there is ease, but […]