If you’re part of the community, you probably know about all these. But hey, maybe you stumbled your way here at the beginning of you’re journey. (If so, hi, how’s it going? Welcome!)

These are places I go, either to buy stuff, or learn stuff, maybe both… but mostly one or the other.

Divkid: Ben is a super resource for all kinds of information. His reviews have been a tremendous boon to me (and many others.) Give him a sub on Youtube and hey, drop by his patreon to help support his work!

Mylar Melodies: Stop what you are doing, and listen to the dulcet tones of Mylar Melodies. Another great youtuber, and a voice from your dreams. Give that sweet voice a sub for dropping his synthy knowledge-bombs on you.

Perfect Circuit Audio: No affiliation. Well, I tend to buy most of my modules here, but ours is strictly a retail relationship. I’ve done business with this company for two years. Always great service. Sign up for their email list, they have lots of great sales too. I have had to call on occasion, either because I has stupid and need halp figuring out a thing before placing an order; and once because I needed customer service on a module that was acting up. The staff is always polite, knowledgeable, and as absolutely helpful as they are capable of being (which is VERY helpful as it turns out).