Mojo: That Analogue Preamp Sound

I’ve been looking for an overdriven sound. I love a good analogue clipping if I’m honest. And this has gotten me back around to screwing about with preamps. I do a bit of radio (not professionally at the moment, but I’ve done small projects in the past for broadcast) and I’ve found that preamp type, […]

Compression: Bringing up the background

I usually use my compressor to keep VO levels a bit more even across the range. Compressors are great for that, a gentle touch and it can really help you keep it all together. But forget that gentle garbage! We’re doing sound design baby! The nasty truth about compressors is that they bring down the […]

Utilities: Doepfer Precision Adder

Precision adders are great. If you have one, it is likely you already know this. If you don’t have one, you may think “yawn.” You might say, “I’d rather put the money toward the new Death-rattle Complex Wavetable VCO Sonic Destroyer with CV Seizure Induction.” But, I dare to suggest, that a precision adder could […]

Discontent: The enemy of art

Sometimes, I feel the internet is just a massive breeding ground of discontent. The old saying is true, the grass is always greener on the other side. And what better way to check out our neighbor’s lawns than on the forums and feeds. There is an ancient commandment that says, “you shall not covet… anything […]

Controllers: On a budget

You’ve got a case and power. You’ve picked out a few modules. But how will you interface with your system. Obviously, you interact with it via knobs and sliders and a cornucopia of patch points. But you want more. The two most basic options are sequencer or keyboard. One problem, cash is low, you just […]