Learning Modular: Going to Synth School

I had no idea who Chris Meyer was several months back, when I blogged on why we should support our community content creators. Thankfully several readers dropped his name in the comments when I posted, so I had to go check out Chris’s work at Learning Modular. Then, a few months back I subscribed to […]

Me & Modular: Sound, Serenity, and Sickness

My first real experience with a synth… I had traveled down to North Carolina for a gathering of friends. I’m pretty sure it was one of the Volca’s or something similar anyway. I heard someone play with it for a mere minute. Being granted an opportunity, I poked a few of the keys/touchpads… whatever (yep […]

Elektron Newb: Day One with Digitakt

I normally wouldn’t find an initial impression of a device like this a very valuable thing. But, there’s a reason why I’m bothering. I was very afraid when I hit the “order” button that I was going to wind up hating this thing. You see, I don’t tend to get along well with menu driven […]

Coastal Musings: Where I find myself

I think I may secretly be a West Coast synthesist. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a matter of allegiance or anything. Maybe it’s all the time I’ve spent with this Make Noise system I’m building… but no, I don’t think that’s entirely it. I honestly don’t think I’ve used a VCA (for audio) outside […]

Resolution: Appreciating the little things

Gearing up for this Make Noise system has been an education in itself. Part of my goal is to offer up some options, from starting with a solid foundation, to absolute minimalism. But how can I really claim that an almost unspeakably minimal system is worth your time and money? Well, in my eyes, I’d […]


For US Wigglers, today is Black Friday. A nightmarish day (if you got outside) spurred on by consumerist lust and the lure of inexplicable discounts. I remember going out one Black Friday (I normally stay in for the day) and buying a cast iron skillet. It wasn’t on sale, I just needed it to do […]

Content Creation, Patreon and Eurorack

Nope, I’m not starting a patreon, but I have some thoughts I wanted to share on the matter. Meager as my operation may be, I am a content creator of sorts at this point. And as much as I don’t involve myself in it anymore, I do have some background and training in video. I’ve […]