Carving Out Space: Dynamix and STO

Before we get started, lets talk about delays for just a minute, don’t worry, it bears on what we’re talking about here… Analogue delays, it seems like they’re where it’s at. They’re popular, and I can understand why. They just seem to sit better than typically brighter digital delays. I’ve had the pleasure of using […]

Bringing it together with the basics

You can never have enough VCA’s. Oddly enough, I was once told I probably had too many VCA’s. What can I say, we live in a *land of confusion, but try not to let that disturb you too much. Anyhow, there’s more than a mere tacit recognition of the value of utilities in this maxim […]

Make Noise STO: All about that bass

The STO is a cool little oscillator. Recently it has spent quite some time sitting dormant in the rack. Mostly awaiting me to put it up for sale again. But I haven’t, and so it remains. There’s something about a sine-wave that, most often feels quite hollow. And indeed, the pure, unadulterated sine that the […]

Buffered Multiples

Now for something completely different! Today we’re going to take a break (mostly) from the (poorly) written word. Instead I’m trying something a little different. Yesterday I took some time talking about a patch of mine. Attempting to make another patch using the same methodology, and generally going on a short modular ramble. I invite […]

Korg SQ-1: A few cool tricks

I’ve had the SQ-1 for a while now. In fact, I now have two. There’s more fun in that little, black box than seems right. So, what kind of fun can you get up to with this bargain priced sequencer? All kinds… Sometimes I like to absolutely blast it with an audio-rate clock. You tend […]

Patching: Re-Death

Punarmrtyu is an idea from Hinduism, it has to do with the reincarnation cycle. From what little I grasp, Punarmrtyu is a sort of death of the heavenly self so that it can be reborn in an earthly body. While I don’t subscribe to Hinduism as an explanation for life, the concept immediately struck me […]

Branches: Latching modulator

Ever since I started into synthesis, Mutable Instruments’ Elements module has tantalized my imagination. Today, it left my dreams to become reality. One of the great things that is immediately apparent about the design of Elements is one of it’s super-powers… attenuversion!┬áJust look at all those attenuverters, on every single input you could possibly want […]

Branches, a path to stereo bliss

I’ve been sitting here messing around with just three modules. Tides, Streams, and Branches. I tend to get a lot of questions about why in the world I am so fond of keeping branches in a 3u 84hp system. And sometimes, I’m not certain how to respond. But then, I get playing with things, and […]