Modulation: The spirit of the mists

We had a brief summer rain today. I was a bit taken back, stepping out of the office for a quick breath of fresh air. The color of the world had changed, subtly but pointedly. Saturated is an interesting word. One describes color as “saturated” when it is made rich and and full and vibrant. […]

Discontent: The enemy of art

Sometimes, I feel the internet is just a massive breeding ground of discontent. The old saying is true, the grass is always greener on the other side. And what better way to check out our neighbor’s lawns than on the forums and feeds. There is an ancient commandment that says, “you shall not covet… anything […]

Setting the Mood: Major and Minor Scales

It’s synth time! Ready to bust a groove with that fist-full of cables? Prepared to wiggle your way through a melancholy melody? It used to be, when I went to create a sequence, that good sequences were something which I basically had to luck into. Sometimes it was upbeat and groovy. Other times it was […]

Synthesis: Music for the non-musician

There’s something about synthesizers that attracts non-musicians. At least it is so in my case. Musically, I am quite inept. But for two-and-a-half years or so, I’ve been playing with synthesizers. I’ve used a couple semi-modular synths, as well as a small Eurorack system of my own (poor) design. In this time, I’ve made some […]