Mystic Circuits 0hp Builds

I got my hands on a trio of these lovely little kits this week. I’m not an experienced electronics DIYer. This was my first eurorack DIY endeavor, something which I’ve finally entered into after much trepidation. Here’s how it went… Each kit is simple and complete. The most difficult is the VCA/AND Gate. And the […]

Blinds: Controlling Control Voltages

For a VCA, Blinds isn’t the first module I’d look into but, if you’re running a small system, it’s one of the best… I don’t feel a huge need for function per hp in modules. I prefer a good set of functions and good ergonomics. But, blinds has it all. At 3hp per channel (12hp […]

Warps: Two good reasons

Warps… what shall I say of you? Warps is probably the most conflicted I’ve been about a module. I bought it on a deal and a whim. I’m a sucker for a deal. But as great as it sounded in the demo’s I just didn’t quite find the magic. But now it’s back in the […]

Praise for the Range Switch

I began my journey into synthesis with the Doepfer Dark Energy II. There were things I didn’t like about it. I wish it had more CV ins and outs. And there were things I did like about it. PWM saw anyone? Oh, and don’t forget the range switches. Having the range switches was great. Being […]