Mystic Circuits 0hp AND/VCA, Take Two

Have a listen to the 0hp VCA/AND Gate working as a VCA A while back I got my hands on some 0hp Modular kits from Mystic Circuits. I’d gotten one of each (at the time) and went about building these lovely little passive utilities. Unfortunately, by the time I got to building the AND/VCA module […]

Make Noise 2018: Contour

Our first modulation source is the lovely little Contour module. I sometimes get the sense that Contour is considered Function’s poor cousin. So, is Contour just for those of us too cheap to drop the extra $45 for Function? Personally, I don’t think so. What contour is, at it’s heart, is a beautiful and versatile […]

Make Noise 2018: STO

[Listen to STO get annihilated by modulation]¬†or [hear STO chill with delay and verb] STO is the sonic heart of our little system. It’s not the most imposing looking oscillator out there. For eight hp, why would we bother when there are other small offerings out there, in the same price range, with twice as […]

Doepfer A-149-1

A-149-1… with a name like that, what more could you want to know? Ok, maybe you’re not an alpha-numeric savant, tuned into the idiosyncrasies of Doepfer’s model numbers, and you still don’t know a thing. I guess we’ll have to belabor the point with words… The essence of the A-149-1 is a clocked, stepped random […]

On the Clock: Dividers

Clocks don’t tend to be talked about too much. Which is both understandable and a shame. It’s understandable because, clocks are just timing signals, they really only keep time. And while that’s cool and handy, there’s not much more to say about it. A clock divider is a very simple way to do more with […]

Mutable Instruments Frames: Quadrature [BEAST] Mode

Frames is a monster of a module. At 18hp its far from tiny, and just look at that knob! It does big things too. More than a few times I’ve heard it referred to as a macro modulator. That description fits in more ways than one. Frames primary function is keyframing and tweening. Keyframes are […]

Make Noise STO: All about that bass

The STO is a cool little oscillator. Recently it has spent quite some time sitting dormant in the rack. Mostly awaiting me to put it up for sale again. But I haven’t, and so it remains. There’s something about a sine-wave that, most often feels quite hollow. And indeed, the pure, unadulterated sine that the […]

Just (sample and) hold me

Oh sample and hold… why did I wait so long to make you part of my life? I finally broke down and ordered a Doepfer A-148 dual sample and hold module. (It does track and hold as well, just switch jumpers on the back of the module). It arrived today and I am extremely happy. […]

Review: Mystic Circuits 0hp OR Gate

The 0hp OR Gate is a shockingly useful little tool. It provides a substantial number of very desirable functions. Let’s get straight to it: It’s an *OR Gate, go ahead and use it to combine two separate sources of gate signals into a single stream. To sum this one up clock divider + OR Gate […]

Review: Mystic Circuits 0hp Vactrol LPG

Before we talk about this little Vactrol LPG module, I want to talk about the concept of 0hp modules, because I absolutely adore them. For me, this goes back to my earliest experiences with synthesis. *Cue Flashback* Early on it was just me and a couple semi-modular synths. Sometimes, I needed attenuation where there was […]