Learning Modular: Going to Synth School

I had no idea who Chris Meyer was several months back, when I blogged on why we should support our community content creators. Thankfully several readers dropped his name in the comments when I posted, so I had to go check out Chris’s work at Learning Modular. Then, a few months back I subscribed to […]

On the Clock: Dividers

Clocks don’t tend to be talked about too much. Which is both understandable and a shame. It’s understandable because, clocks are just timing signals, they really only keep time. And while that’s cool and handy, there’s not much more to say about it. A clock divider is a very simple way to do more with […]

Bringing it together with the basics

You can never have enough VCA’s. Oddly enough, I was once told I probably had too many VCA’s. What can I say, we live in a *land of confusion, but try not to let that disturb you too much. Anyhow, there’s more than a mere tacit recognition of the value of utilities in this maxim […]

Just (sample and) hold me

Oh sample and hold… why did I wait so long to make you part of my life? I finally broke down and ordered a Doepfer A-148 dual sample and hold module. (It does track and hold as well, just switch jumpers on the back of the module). It arrived today and I am extremely happy. […]

Blinds: Controlling Control Voltages

For a VCA, Blinds isn’t the first module I’d look into but, if you’re running a small system, it’s one of the best… I don’t feel a huge need for function per hp in modules. I prefer a good set of functions and good ergonomics. But, blinds has it all. At 3hp per channel (12hp […]