If I’ve learned anything from history, it’s that life on the frontier is hard. Perhaps the thought is most poignant from too many hours spent playing Oregon Trail. The frontier is the border between civilization and wilderness. It demarcates the space between the places of comfort and of uncertainty. Before it there is ease, but […]

Modules: Simple or Complex?

For a while now I’ve been knocking around the question, “what kind of modules do I want for my system?” Not a question of which particular modules, but of the nature of those modules. A big part of that has been debating simple vs complex. And I’m finding, as time goes on, that my view […]

Well that was random…

I’m sitting here listening to this wild, musique concrete patch I put together. It’s modulated entirely by random voltages. Elements is providing modal madness and Warps Parasite brings the Variable Rate Delay to the party, for some tape delay emulation. I feel like I’m drifting somewhere between reality and madness. It’s beautifully surreal. So what’s […]