Small Systems: Support modules

We’ve come to terms with the limitations of a small system. We have chosen a focus for our system, be it a particular module or concept. Now it’s time to consider the supporting modules, which will help us to fully express ourselves within our chosen space. There are three principles for choosing support modules in […]

Small Systems: Focused

So, small systems are limited and we’ve come to terms with that. We’re ready to face the world of limitations head on. But in euro-land we’re drowning in modules. So how do we decide what will comprise our little island of synthesis? I propose two possible pathways: The basics. Many of the great little semi-modular […]

Small Systems: Limited is not crippled

Eighty-four hp and Five modules… That’s my current system. And do you want to know a secret? I really enjoy it. To hear us talk about modular synthesis, it often seems as if small systems are either impossible or crippled. But why? It’s not because you can’t make a good small system. No you say? […]

Branches: Latching modulator

Ever since I started into synthesis, Mutable Instruments’ Elements module has tantalized my imagination. Today, it left my dreams to become reality. One of the great things that is immediately apparent about the design of Elements is one of it’s super-powers… attenuversion!┬áJust look at all those attenuverters, on every single input you could possibly want […]

Setting the Mood: Major and Minor Scales

It’s synth time! Ready to bust a groove with that fist-full of cables? Prepared to wiggle your way through a melancholy melody? It used to be, when I went to create a sequence, that good sequences were something which I basically had to luck into. Sometimes it was upbeat and groovy. Other times it was […]

Branches, a path to stereo bliss

I’ve been sitting here messing around with just three modules. Tides, Streams, and Branches. I tend to get a lot of questions about why in the world I am so fond of keeping branches in a 3u 84hp system. And sometimes, I’m not certain how to respond. But then, I get playing with things, and […]