For US Wigglers, today is Black Friday. A nightmarish day (if you got outside) spurred on by consumerist lust and the lure of inexplicable discounts. I remember going out one Black Friday (I normally stay in for the day) and buying a cast iron skillet. It wasn’t on sale, I just needed it to do some cooking. Its an insane world out there. People, normally rational, or at least more so, run frantically about clogged roads and overpopulated stores. All in the quest for more things.

One of the reasons I love the idea of small synthesizer systems is, because striving toward such a goal fights back against the pervasive consumerism, which plagues the United States, and I imagine other nations as well. Though, I wonder if it can really be this bad elsewhere as well. As synthesists, our focus should be upon the music, the sound, the experience, the practice, the art of synthesis instead of the “things” of synthesis.

So, if I can encourage you to do anything this Black Friday, and with the ill named Cyber Monday looming on the horizon… switch on your synth, grab a fist full of cables, patch up, play and enjoy.

I’m not saying don’t buy anything, but rather that we be more considerate than crazed in our approach. Maybe there are some good sales on synths and modules out there. But I think it’s worth asking ourselves, if we’re making a purchase because it will enable our artistic vision, or if it is merely a momentary satiation of the lust for more.

To sum it up, lets try to spend more time creating and less consuming. Because, if consumerism is art, Black Friday must be its masterpiece, and I’m in no way impressed. But you guys create some beautiful and wild work. Don’t let them paint you into a corner with their brushes, telling you that your art is invalid or crippled without the newest, the latest, without more and more. You are already doing awesome and inspiring things, keep filling the world with the beauty, the awe, the strangeness and substance of your art.