On the Clock: Dividers

Clocks don’t tend to be talked about too much. Which is both understandable and a shame. It’s understandable because, clocks are just timing signals, they really only keep time. And while that’s cool and handy, there’s not much more to say about it. A clock divider is a very simple way to do more with […]


For US Wigglers, today is Black Friday. A nightmarish day (if you got outside) spurred on by consumerist lust and the lure of inexplicable discounts. I remember going out one Black Friday (I normally stay in for the day) and buying a cast iron skillet. It wasn’t on sale, I just needed it to do […]

Sound Out of Space

When I started recording in my house I realized quickly that I really needed some acoustic treatment. I started slowly applying absorptive panels to the space (my office). Eventually, one of my friends noted, that just being in my office sounds kinda weird. You see, there’s enough dampening that you just don’t get the same […]

Basic: The Moog Mother-32

Basic. That about sums it up. The Mother-32 is a basic synth. Ok, there’s one point of hesitation, the sequencer moves beyond basic. But the remainder of it isĀ  indeed quite simple. It’s a single oscillator, single LFO, single envelope, single filter, single VCA, and some noise. And I hate it! I really, really, want […]

Mojo: That Analogue Preamp Sound

I’ve been looking for an overdriven sound. I love a good analogue clipping if I’m honest. And this has gotten me back around to screwing about with preamps. I do a bit of radio (not professionally at the moment, but I’ve done small projects in the past for broadcast) and I’ve found that preamp type, […]