Content Creation, Patreon and Eurorack

Nope, I’m not starting a patreon, but I have some thoughts I wanted to share on the matter.

Meager as my operation may be, I am a content creator of sorts at this point. And as much as I don’t involve myself in it anymore, I do have some background and training in video. I’ve done filming, editing, syncing audio, all that fun stuff. Anyhow, this has all given me a bit of perspective, which I want to share.

Content creation is no small thing. First, you have to have a basis of knowledge. Having a good foundation of experience to speak from is vital. Beyond that you have to have an idea, something drawn from that experience, which is worth sharing. Just as it takes time to form a base of experience, it takes time for an idea to form and foment. Most of these articles are ideas that I have been thinking a lot about for a couple weeks or more. Then you have to be able to articulate your experience and your thoughts. This takes more time yet. Three to five hours is my average time spent writing, re-reading, re-writing, and editing. Even then, some just go straight to the garbage.

Now, I pedal in written words. But these guys are doing video. You know why I’m so reticent to get into video? It’s a lot of work. You have to have a plan of some sort before you shoot. Then you need to have some level of decent lighting. You’ll need a camera and mic (built in or otherwise). There’s a good chance that a lot of video gets cut, there will be takes and retakes. Then you’re off to edit the whole thing, ordering all the takes and snippets into a cohesive whole. Then there’s rendering and uploading. It takes time and dedication. (Mind you these are the basics, it easily gets more complicated than this.)

I bring all this up to say that, if you find value in what these guys are doing, go ahead and support them on Patreon. If you can afford to, throw them a buck or a few bucks a month. They have a huge basis of experience, they are great communicators and they put a lot of time and effort into what they do.

Two who have really benefited me (and probably you too) are Divkid and Mylar Melodies. I’m currently supporting Divkid, and beyond just showing a bit of gratitude, you do get a bit of an inside track on things, and it’s worth it for the little community that springs up about it. And I’m hoping in the future to be able to support Mylar as well. If you aren’t already, I hope you’ll join me in supporting some of these truly awesome members of our community.

Support Divkid
Support Mylar Melodies
Support Learning Modular


[Edit] I’ve just come aware of Chris and his work, Learning Modular, members of Muff Wiggler and the Moonlit Journey facebook page have brought him to my attention! Give his work a look, and like Divkid and Mylar, if you find his work valuable, please, give him your support on patreon. Here are some links to his content if you (like me) weren’t yet aware of him. Personally, I’m looking forward to checking out some new videos today! Thanks Chris.

Learning Modular: