Make Noise STO: All about that bass

The STO is a cool little oscillator. Recently it has spent quite some time sitting dormant in the rack. Mostly awaiting me to put it up for sale again. But I haven’t, and so it remains.

There’s something about a sine-wave that, most often feels quite hollow. And indeed, the pure, unadulterated sine that the STO produces leaves me wanting. But the STO comes from the world of additive synthesis, it expects to be folded, warped, twisted and mangled into something utterly unrecognizable, and likely, very awesome indeed. The Shape parameter on the STO allows us to do a bit of this right in the module, and it can be quite fun to play about with the harmonics.

Anyhow, about that bass. This is all about that bass after all. While a straight sine-wave can be a tad dull and rather quiet seeming, compared to more harmonically rich wave forms, it sure does a bang up job on bass.

Tonight, I’ve been enjoying a sequence I put together yesterday, using Tides as an oscillator. I decided this afternoon to bring in Elements as a bass drum, and had been enjoying that. But then I remembered hearing whispers that STO makes for a boss bass drum. So, I yanked Elements, patched up Streams for VCA duties, and cranked up STO.

I tuned STO down until it hit just that nice bassy note I was looking for. Then, I plugged it into Streams channel 1, which was set up with an A/D envelope. Sharp attack, with just the right amount of decay. Then, I used a green Tip-Top stackable, to mult my gate signal over to Streams Channel 2. I set this channel up for an A/D envelope identical to channel 1. I used the output of channel 2 to modulate the linear and shape cv’s on STO to give it just a little more character.

Maybe I’m just not ready to move STO out just yet. It sure did bring me some kickin’ bass tonight. The shape parameter allows you to dial in some nice hair too. If you’ve got a STO and a pair of attack decay envelopes sitting around, it can bring the noise for you too!


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