If I’ve learned anything from history, it’s that life on the frontier is hard. Perhaps the thought is most poignant from too many hours spent playing Oregon Trail. The frontier is the border between civilization and wilderness. It demarcates the space between the places of comfort and of uncertainty. Before it there is ease, but beyond it also lies discovery. And so, we have ever pushed the borders of our frontiers, at cost of peril but in anticipation of new wonders.

Maybe it’s just me, but as much as I love the nature of the current model of synthesis, I can become complacent. Though I long for the discovery of exploration and experimentation, I can find myself couched in familiar, comfortable places… safely away from the frontiers. But also far removed from the new, the bold, away from discovery.

Sometimes we must again force ourselves, upward and onward beyond the borders of the known. We must again become explorers of strange new lands. Yes therein shall be hardships. Yes, trials. Yes, difficulties. Yes, even failures. But there also we are forged, by the very lands we forge into. We are shaped, strengthened, hardened, sharpened by the process. And we shall discover along the way, things new and wonderful.

So let us leave behind the comfortable places, and again remember what it is to discover sound in a wild frontier.


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