Review: Mystic Circuits 0hp OR Gate

The 0hp OR Gate is a shockingly useful little tool. It provides a substantial number of very desirable functions. Let’s get straight to it:

  1. It’s an *OR Gate, go ahead and use it to combine two separate sources of gate signals into a single stream. To sum this one up clock divider + OR Gate = trip to funky-groove town.
  2. It’s a *Maximum function. Feed it two separate control voltages and the OR gate will send the highest available voltage at any moment to the output. (I particularly enjoy blending an LFO with a random source).
  3. It’s a Maximum function for audio sources too! I just finished blending Tides and STO. Fun times, wild sounds.
  4. It does *half-wave rectification. The 0hp OR Gate only outputs positive voltages. That means if you feed it a bi-polar source (like your common LFO) the OR gate will output the positive half of the wave form (values above 0v).
  5. It does negative, half-wave rectification. Since its a passive module we can get creative with our signal routing. By plugging your LFO (or other bi-polar voltage source) into the OUT and sending IN to whatever you want to modulate you get negative, half-wave rectification. It will only outputĀ  values below 0v.

The basic OR Gate function is easily my favorite. I just love the grooves I get using it to combine gates from the 4MS Rotating Clock Divider. That said, the rest of the functions are all wonderful. I can’t tell you how many times over the last two years I longed for half-wave rectification (even when I didn’t know what it was called). The maximum function creates some really sweet control voltages, and beastly sounds. (I never wanted a Maximum before, but now that I have it, I won’t be without it again!) I will be purchasing another one of these in the future. For me the 0hp OR Gate is a shining beacon among utilities. And I really do feel it’s a must for small systems.

At $33 built or $23 for the kit, the only bad value proposition here is not owning one. With one caveat in mind, (I haven’t had a chance to use the VCA/AND Gate yet) I believe the 0hp OR Gate is the must-have module from Mystic Circuits’ 0hp line. It is also the simplest to build, if you want to dip your feet into the warm and welcoming waters of DIY. Because of the price and functionality of this module, I conclude, simply, with this. Get one.

* OR Gate


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