Setting the Mood: Major and Minor Scales

It’s synth time! Ready to bust a groove with that fist-full of cables? Prepared to wiggle your way through a melancholy melody? It used to be, when I went to create a sequence, that good sequences were something which I basically had to luck into. Sometimes it was upbeat and groovy. Other times it was […]

Branches, a path to stereo bliss

I’ve been sitting here messing around with just three modules. Tides, Streams, and Branches. I tend to get a lot of questions about why in the world I am so fond of keeping branches in a 3u 84hp system. And sometimes, I’m not certain how to respond. But then, I get playing with things, and […]

Synthesis: Music for the non-musician

There’s something about synthesizers that attracts non-musicians. At least it is so in my case. Musically, I am quite inept. But for two-and-a-half years or so, I’ve been playing with synthesizers. I’ve used a couple semi-modular synths, as well as a small Eurorack system of my own (poor) design. In this time, I’ve made some […]