Discontent: The enemy of art

Sometimes, I feel the internet is just a massive breeding ground of discontent. The old saying is true, the grass is always greener on the other side. And what better way to check out our neighbor’s lawns than on the forums and feeds.

There is an ancient commandment that says, “you shall not covet… anything that is your neighbors.” It’s a good practice for humanity. It helps to restrain us from hurting others to satisfy ourselves. It calls us from discontent, to peace.

As much as discontent can be bad for humanity, it’s horrible for art. And if you’re here, reading about synthesizers, you have a bit of artist in you. You have a yearning of sort for the introspection and expression of synthesis, be it sound design or more musical aspects of synthesis. And so, discontent is your bane too.

It is good to enjoy the community of artists, who share our love for sound and synthesis. But let us make sure that we are reaping the benefits of the fellowship of our art. That it doesn’t become a covetous practice of lawn gazing. Desiring the newest, the latest, what everyone else has. We were not drawn here to indulge in things. Things are merely a means, a mode for our exploration and expression. When our focus shifts from the act of expression to the tools, we stop creating and start gazing. Rather than expressing ourselves with our tools we are held in thrall by them.

Let us find peace with what we have, and do what we all came here to do. Create. Express. Explore…


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