Branches: Latching modulator

Ever since I started into synthesis, Mutable Instruments’ Elements module has tantalized my imagination. Today, it left my dreams to become reality. One of the great things that is immediately apparent about the design of Elements is one of it’s super-powers… attenuversion! Just look at all those attenuverters, on every single input you could possibly want one on. That’s fantastic!

After fiddling about for a bit I decided to use Branches to randomly fire-off Streams to create CV’s for Elements. But then it struck me. With all those attenuverters, I can just use Branches all by itself to modulate Elements! Here’s how it works.

  1. Set both channels of Branches to *Latching mode.
  2. Input your gate into Branches channel 1 In.
  3. Send the A/B outputs of channels 1 and 2 into the parameters of your choice on Elements.
  4. Use the attenuverters on Elements to dial in cool new sounds which Branches will now switch between.

Essentially, while in latching mode, Branches is randomly sending static offsets into the Elements, and the attenuverters give you control over the offset values. Have a listen to a little percussive track I made using Elements, modulated by Branches, sequenced by Keystep. No other modules or effects needed.

The only problem now… I am kinda keen on picking up another Branches!


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*To activate latching mode just hold the switch on Branches for more than one second. Now, instead of firing off gates with each input, it will generate a +5v signal until the unit switches outputs.